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Sometimes you just need screws at three in the morning. Or sometimes new work gloves at five in the morning. Or a pipe clamp late at night. Whenever, for whatever the reason: When we say that we are always there for our customers, we mean just that.


This is why we opened our first Würth24 branch office in Vöhringen directly next to the A7 highway in 2018: 500 square meters of sales space, 4,500 products, open from Sunday at midnight through Saturday at midnight. Customers have access outside regular opening hours via the Würth App. The most innovative technology electronically tracks products and orders. And because not every tradesperson is always close to Vöhringen, we are planning to expand this service: We plan on opening additional 24-hour branch offices in 2019.



Always on call


Service 24/7: We take that literally—in Vöhringen as well as in our online shop, where we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer more than 125,000 products there; fast delivery is guaranteed. And we also do everything else to make our customers’ work easier every day: with e-procurement, which electronically records the entire ordering process right up to delivery. Or with our ORSY® system rack, which automatically recognizes inventory levels and reorders products—and these are just two examples of many.


On site and with the customer


We take our aim of being close to our customers just as literally. Customer proximity is almost in our genes, since our success story began with a strong sales force. In the 1950s, Reinhold Würth personally drove from one customer to the next, a service that the tradespeople really appreciated even then. And this approach is anything but old-fashioned to this day: Day after day, thousands of our sales reps all over the world are on their way to tradespeople. We also have a local presence with more than 480 branch offices in Germany and over 1,900 around the world.


« That’s the kind of proximity we’re striving for. The importance we place on being close to our customers—that has always been and will always be a part of Würth.»



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