Imagine if Reinhold Würth had said at the beginning: It’s easy to sell screws, that’s what I’ll do, but only here in the region, perhaps from a small shop. A customer or two will happen by in any case. What would have happened?


He probably would have been successful as a small businessman. He would have made a living. But Reinhold Würth wanted more. He went to the customers, offered his products tirelessly, constantly drove the business forward. He has always “put forth his best effort,” as he himself puts it, and demanded the same from everyone else. Gladly with a smile, but above all with passion and great dedication. He has constantly expanded his radius, both regionally and in terms of services. We all know the story.


Always one step further


In principle, this is still the case today, there is no standing still at Würth. Rolling up your sleeves plus courage, curiosity and innovation equals growth: Maybe success can be boiled down to this formula. Of course, developing the next generation of screws and new tools can be stressful sometimes. But we do it, every time. Of course, it’s a lot of work to found new companies and integrate them into the corporate group. But we have done it again and again, and this process has driven us forward. Of course you don’t have to offer more services all the time, but we know: If we want to keep growing, that’s the right way to go.


Always ready to roll up our sleeves


That’s why we look for ways to bring even more value to our customers every day. For example, we organize seminars for tradespeople, from anchor technology and joint sealing to construction contract law. And we’ve set up a 24-hour shop, with plans to open even more. We are constantly developing new products that simplify or completely change the work of tradespeople—our current projects include battery chargers that fit all our equipment and a unique concrete bolting system that significantly increases the service life of bridges and other concrete structures. With our new innovation center, we will be able to advance even further.


In short: It goes without saying that we will continue to roll up our sleeves and work. For our customers, for even more service—and of course for more growth.


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