What would our country be without its tradespeople? Without the people who build our houses and our streets, who lay our power lines, who tile our bathrooms, who repair our machines and cars? What would we do without the passion of those who plaster, paint, who are experts in paint and materials, cables, metal and wood?


At Würth, we know how important the trades are for all of us—after all, we work with tradespeople every day. This shows us first-hand how innovative skilled trades have become: Today, the timber construction industry works with drones, spare parts come from the 3D printer and tools are managed digitally. Innovations? They have already become commonplace in the trades.


Committed to skilled trades


But we also know how difficult it is for the entire industry to find specialists and young talent. This is why we are passionately committed to the trades, even beyond our day-to-day work. Last year, we signed a cooperation agreement with WorldSkills Germany e.V., whose umbrella organization, WorldSkills, organizes the world and European championships of the trades. Würth was actively involved for the first time in September 2018, when hundreds of young tradespeople from 28 countries competed against each other at the European Championship in Budapest: We equipped the German national team and individual competitions with tools and products, organized the closing ceremony for the German team, and Würth Hungary was an event sponsor.


« A trade in hand finds gold in every land: This old adage may be truer today than ever before.»



Support as a matter of conviction


To experience the next generation of skilled tradespeople in this extraordinary setting was a special experience for us. We became even more aware of how highly qualified and motivated they are—and that it is worth supporting them to the best of our ability. A trade in hand finds gold in every land: This old adage may be truer today than ever before. That’s why we will continue our commitment: to accompany the next generation on their way to an exciting, challenging and digital future. And, of course, the skilled trades as a whole—through our products, through our service, through our passion for their work.


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