Screws and Standard Parts


The stainless steel companies are product specialists with supply concepts for industry and trade. The main focus of business activities is the trade in stainless steel fasteners, especially DIN and standard parts.

  • Sales in 2018 focused primarily on the distribution of DIN and standard stainless steel parts
  • Increased productivity among sales representatives, in-house staff and in logistics
  • Shortage of nickel stocks due to Chinese environmental policy and the so-called Tesla effect: currently 40,000 metric tons of nickel consumed annually for electric car batteries, expected 275,000 metric tons in 2025—12 percent of expected demand
  • Application of QR codes to master cartons and pallets to increase warehouse productivity
  • Introduction of duplex articles (rust- and acid-resistant steels)
  • Mobile hydraulic service brand Sprinter: over 200 vehicles in daily use as mobile workshops throughout Europe
  • Opening of three new service bases in Germany and further locations in Belgium and northern Italy
  • DNV GL certification obtained for customers in the maritime industry to develop service competence in the ports of Antwerp and Hamburg