When a company invests in art, when it builds a concert hall and has its own philharmonic orchestra, when it hires disabled people in a hotel and invites all employees to celebrate its successes—does that still have anything to do with growth? Doesn’t this mean spending a lot of money on areas that don’t show a return? In short: At Würth, are we doing far too much that has nothing to do with tradespeople, screws, business?


Commitment to society


We are certain: No, we aren’t. If you ask Reinhold Würth whether his family’s social and cultural commitments have contributed to growth, he always says that it obviously didn’t hurt in the least. But in the end, that was never his concern: He wanted to get involved, so he did. He is enthusiastic about art and music, he wants to give something back to his employees and society, and that’s what counts.


A win for everyone


After all, this benefits everyone: the employees in Künzelsau, to whom he says thank you with joint celebrations—and who, on their way to the office, pass directly by top-class art and people in the region who get to see artists at Carmen Würth Forum who otherwise only perform in big cities. The local economy, which benefits from conventions and congresses there as well. Sports that can ultimately achieve great things with financial support—to name but a few. Of course, the Würth company, whose name is associated with these places and events, also benefits at the end of the day.


«Thank you is the most important thing to say when interacting with others—a fundamental principle of our corporate culture. And we live by this principle—inside and outside of the company.»


In turn, all of these things contribute to the enthusiasm and motivation of many of those who work for the company. After all, each and every one of them is part of society, lives in the region, hears what people say. And perhaps they are happy when an exhibition, a concert, a donation has been well received. It’s something that comes from Würth—with full conviction, even if it has nothing to do with business.



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