Electrical Wholesale


The business activities of these companies include products and systems covering the areas of electrical installation, industrial automation, cables and wires, tools, data and network technology, lighting and illumination, household appliances and multimedia products, as well as electrical domestic heating technology and regenerative power generation. The commercial activity is supplemented by comprehensive consulting and services and is directed at professional customers from trade and industry.

  • New sales record with growth well above the market average
  • Progressive internationalization and increasing importance of European markets
  • Above-average growth in e-commerce business in relation to total sales
  • Commissioning of new warehouse at Fega & Schmitt in Heilsbronn at end of 2018
  • Enhanced performance due to acquisition of lighting specialist Gaudre based in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Growth in Italy through strong expansion of our existing company MEF and acquisition of a majority stake in the company M.E.B. based in Schio, Veneto