Carmen Würth Forum


In record time, Carmen Würth Forum, designed by David Chipperfield Architects and inaugurated in 2017, has matured into a meeting place with appeal far beyond the region. The power of art and culture in everyday business life as well as the economic success of the company manifest themselves here as a beacon that can be seen far and wide. The chamber music hall in the Forum, Reinhold Würth Hall, seats an audience of 580. The Great Hall can accommodate up to 2,500 visitors and the open-air grounds around 10,000. Be it conferences, readings, award ceremonies or concerts for connoisseurs and beginners—the top-class events were well attended all year round. The ambitious hall has also proved itself as a venue for technically and logistically complex challenges: On 16 October 2018, amateur radio enthusiasts from the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) were able to establish a live radio link to the International Space Station ISS from Carmen Würth Forum. Alexander Gerst, the space station commander born in Künzelsau, called out to the 1,000 students who had been invited to Carmen Würth Forum on this occasion: “I hear you loud and clear.”