Growth needs good ideas


3D printing. Climate chamber. Seismology. Logistics research. What does that have to do with Würth? These things all represent our future. And the future is being built to the east of our logistics complex: our new innovation center, which will set another milestone in the company’s history.


There has never been a lack of good ideas in our company: Reinhold Würth always thinks one step ahead anyway. Our developers are constantly improving our products and are researching the tools of tomorrow, with our customers telling us what they would like to have every day. So the fact that we are implementing ideas is nothing new. But now we are taking a big step forward in Künzelsau: with our own research center, where innovation will be the driving force.


Collaboration with Universities


In a space of some 15,000 square meters, state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops will be built, in which around 250 people are expected to work in the future: developers from Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, and our subsidiaries as well as external researchers. A close collaboration with three universities has already been firmly agreed—our own expertise and innovative strength will be bolstered by external knowledge and ideas.


Innovation founded on Tradition


However, even with all of our innovations, we remain true to our roots: Together, we will continue to develop new generations of screws, new tools and new fastening materials. Only we will be faster than before, rolling out new products onto the market earlier, implementing more ideas—both from our customers and our own. We have now laid the foundation for these goals—in the truest sense of the word.



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"We want to inspire what inspires us: tradespeople"


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